Operation runs normally

Dear Nextbikers, despite the currently prevailing exceptional situation, if you have to be on the road, the practical rental bikes are available in Lower Austria until further notice. However, in view of our safety, we would like to ask you to observe careful hygiene measures: before and after using the Nextbikes, we ask you to wash your hands thoroughly or to wear gloves during use. With this in mind: Stay healthy and get through this time well. Kind regards, your Nextbike-NÖ-Team



Due to the current situation, there will be a limited service interval for nextbike Klagenfurt bicycles and stations. Please report failed rentals and returns via app or hotline. Thanks for understanding!


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The city of Klagenfurt wants to achieve a respectful coexistence and more appreciation between pedestrians, cyclists and e-scooter drivers in the pedestrian zone. Therefore the information campaign "Miteinånd statt mir egal" started. Consideration is especially important in narrow streets of the city center and in the pedestrian zone. Unfortunately, there are still conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians. Even if there are only a few who make living together more difficult, the city wants...


Bicycle gear shift

Due to the low temperatures the bicycle shift mechanism may not work in the morning hours. Despite our regular service interval we do not have any influence on that. As soon as it gets warmer during the day the gear shift should be used as usual! Your nextbike Klagenfurt team



How do I return my nextbike? Lock your nextbike at an official station. Confirm the return on the BikeComputer by pressing 'OK'. Wait until the return will be effected. The return will only be effected by pressing 'OK'! Always check your nextbike app whether the return was successful and inform our customer service immediately if this is not the case. How do I recognize an official station? All stations are marked on the map in the app or on the website. Station full? If a station...


Klagenfurt by bicylce

Cycling is a popular means of transport in Klagenfurt. There are about 130 km of bicycle paths. If you are interested in tours you can get details to different routes in the tourism centre at Neuer Platz For more information please visit Radwege Foto: StadtPresse Klagenfurt/Helge Bauer


Credit balance

To get information regarding your credit balance please log into your customer account via https://www.nextbike.at/de/klagenfurt/ . All transactions are viewed under the menu point "Account status".