The STUDIbike

Enjoy benefits as a student now with nextbike and contribute to sustainable mobility!

We are pleased to present the new tariff for students in Klagenfurt: the STUDIbike. The tariff includes all the benefits that are also included in the discount rate for 12 months for a reduced price of only € 35,50 per year. In addition, we also offer the flexible option of purchasing a semester tariff for € 23,50 (6 months). Simply link your nextbike customer account with your university email address, saddle up and start cycling.

The following universities are included in the STUDIbike tariff:

  • Alpen-Adria University
  • Carinthian University of Applied Sciences
  • Carinthian University of Education


How do I link up with the STUDIbike?

Every student automatically receives access to the STUDIbike tariffs by linking their nextbike customer account to their university email address. Register via the nextbike app, website or customer service and leave your university email address to link to the STUDIbike. If you already have a nextbike customer account, you only need to update your email address in the nextbike app in the customer account (under Account Settings > Profile) or via the nextbike website (under User Settings). The following email domains can be stored to link to the STUDIbike:,,

After successful linking, you will receive a confirmation link, which will be sent to the specified e-mail address and only needs to be confirmed. Now the STUDIbike tariffs can easily be purchased in the nextbike app in the side menu under the entry "Wallet" or on the nextbike website under the entry "Manage tariff options".

What advantages do I have with the STUDIbike?

With the STUDIbike tariff you get the first 30 minutes of each rental for free

first 30 minutes

every additional 30 minutes for 1,50€

11 /24 h

Daily maximum

The benefits of the STUDIbike include the following:

  • Every first half hour of borrowing is free of charge
  • Each additional half hour costs € 1 (billed at 30-minute intervals)
  • There is a reduced 24-hour rate (daily maximum) of € 11
  • The STUDIbike tariff can be purchased via the app, the website or our Serviceline for € 35,50 per year. The duration is 365 days from the date of purchase. Alternatively, the semester tariff can be purchased for € 23,50. The duration is 183 days from purchase.
  • With a Nextbike account, up to four bikes can be rented at the same time, but the STUDIbike only applies to the first bike.