How it works

Rent bikes in more than 300 cities and 25 countries worldwide!

Rent up to four bikes at the same time using one account.

Once registered you are mobile in all nextbike cities around the world.

1. Sign up for free


Go to



Download the nextbike app and sign up via smartphone.


Sign up easily by calling our hotline: +43 463 537 3333*.

Verify your account

  • The registration* is free of charge. Before renting your first bike, we need to verify your payment method. You will be required to deposit a credit of 1 € which can be used in all fare types. You can change your preferred payment method at any time, for every change you will be charged 1€ for verification.

  • Payment with credit card or direct debit*.

    * For registering via hotline a service charge of 3€ applies. 

 2. Rent & Return


Bikes with fork locks on the front tire



Scan the QR code or enter the bike number in the app. You will receive a 4-digit lock code which you enter into the BikeComputer. Confirm with "OK". The fork lock opens automatically.

Alternatively you can enter your registered mobile phone number and your PIN or hold your customer card on the Bike-Computer. Confirm with "OK", the lock opens automatically.



Park the bike without stopping the rental by pressing "C" on the BikeComputer. Close the fork lock. The rental continues. Open the lock again with the 4-digit lock code or your customer card.



Return the bike at an offical nextbike station or, if the station is full, right next to it and close the lock. Confirm the return at the BikeComputer with "OK". Check in your app if the return was successful and inform our customer service if not.

Bikes with frame locks on the back tire



It is no longer necessary to enter a PIN code!

Scan the QR-code, enter the bike number or hold your customer card on the reader. The frame lock opens automatically so never rent a bike from afar. You can also rent bikes by calling our hotline: +43 463 537 3333. 



You can park your bike without stopping the rental. Activate the park mode in your app and close the lock afterwards. Simply deactivate it again to continue your ride. The lock opens automatically. Therefore do not deactivate the park mode from afar.

It is not possible to park if using a customer card. 




Return your bike only at an official station. Close the lock by pressing down the lever. Refresh your app to make sure the rental has been stopped and inform our customer service if not.


You can rent up to four bikes at the same time using one account. Free minutes or special rates will only apply to the first bike, though.

Reserve a bike

It is possible to reserve a bike in the nextbike app up until one hour before you are going on your ride.

+ In order to secure your reservation, a deposit of € 1 is required.


Returning bikes outside official stations is not allowed. A service fee of at least 20€ will be charged.

Mobile apps for nextbike

Mobile apps for nextbike

Mobile apps for nextbike