Profit from our offers, whether normal rate or discount rate

Normal rate

The normal rate is ideal for casual drivers. The price is € 1/ 30min. The 24-hours fare (valid from the 5th hour) is charged max. € 13.

Every 30 min.
1 /30 min
Per day
13 /24 h

24-hours fare (applies from the 5th hour)

Discount rate

The Discount rate is ideal for frequent drivers. The first 30 minutes of the renal are for free, each additional 30 minutes costs € 1. The discount rate includes a reduced 24- hours fare of € 9 (applies from the 5th hour). Charged in 30-minute intervals. The discount rate can be purchased via the app, the website or our service line for € 49 per year .

First 30 minutes
0 /30 min
Additional 30 minutes
1 /30 min

Registration via the website or app is free of charge.

*A service fee of € 3 will be charged for registration via the hotline.

After selecting and verifying the payment method, the customer account will be active. To verify your account we will charge you 1€ (this will be deposited on your customer account for later use). If you use a credit card this usually happens immediately, if you choose direct debit this takes 2-3 working days, depending on the banking institution. A change of the payment method is possible at any time in the customer account.


You can rent up to four bikes at the same time using one account. Special rates and conditions only apply to the first bike, additional bikes are charged at the standard rate.




Mobile Apps für nextbike

Mobile Apps für nextbike

Mobile Apps für nextbike